Buggy safari on Cyprus

Buggy safari on Cyprus

02.10.2007 0 By Administrator

I am as a big fan of offroad adventures and cars couldn’t miss a buggy safari during our holidays on Cyprus. Because I drove on my own, I have almost no photos. Also I didn’t have an action camera that time too.

The track starts at the small village far away from the civilization and runs through the mountainous part of Cyprus. To get to this village, organizers took all participants from their hotels  with old Landrover Defender. For exUSSR citizens, who get used to travel in old and half-damaged cars, it was OK. But people from Europe felt themselves very uncomfortable on hard benches and without safety belts.

The company, which organizes buggy safari, also organizes donkey safari. So, if you prefer more quiet adventures, you can choose this option. But we don’t like easy ways! That’s why after getting to the starting point, we wore helmets and jumped into cars.

Our buggies were old without any steering assist system. That’s why all drivers were men. And our wives and girlfriends were second pilots.

On the head of our group was the same Landrover. It showed the way for other drivers. The road was dirt without any asphalt.  Because of the kind of the road and because it was hot, all our cars were covered with a huge amount of dust. Of course, nobody took any shawls or scarfs. So, it was very difficult even to breathe. Also be careful in these trips with your equipment. The dust can easily destroy your unprotected photo or video camera. It’s better to take photos only on stops. Or use special dust-proof cameras.

Relief on our trail was difficult. And, as usual,  incident happened.  One of the drivers lost control and his car felt from the hill.  Because the buggy was equipped with a safety cage, the driver stayed alive. But nevertheless he deeply injured his hand. Our organizers quickly put him into their car and delivered into a hospital. But all that time our group had to stay and wait.

After coming back to the starting point, we found out that we missed a dinner. Finally, we came back to our hotel late at night.


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