Geocache “In the dark”

Geocache “In the dark”

08.03.2016 0 By Administrator

Why I like geocaching is because you can find an adventure even in the center of a city. And not only during the day. Today I want to tell you about the first night cache in Ukraine (at least for the moment of writing this article) try this out. The name of the cache is “In the dark“. It is made in Stryisky park in Lviv by a player with nickname “one.woman” who also made several other very interesting caches.

As a first task you have to solve a puzzle to find coordinates of the starting point. The puzzle consists of several pictures of the Moon. You can solve it at home and check the result via a special web page.

The next step is to take a torch and to go to the park. Walk through the night park with the dim light of lamps immediately evokes associations with some crime series or movies about maniacs ?

Lviv at night

After coming to the starting point, you should use your torch to find the next step. Unfortunately, I can’t describe all details of search because it won’t be interesting for next geocachers. I only can say that all marks are places in accessible places and can be viewed from a long distance. And  a small advice. Take a good torch with narrow beam of light. Using mobile phone, for example, won’t be a good idea.

After passing several marks, we  found the final point. The container is also very unusual. But I don’t tell you more. Let it be a surprise for you.


I can only recommend you to take a knife or something like this. It’s not the fact that you will need it. But it will help you if you can’t open  the box.

Finally, I can say that if you will be in Lviv, find several hours and try to find this cache!

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