Geocaching. The cache with 5th level of difficulty “Devil’s rocks”

Geocaching. The cache with 5th level of difficulty “Devil’s rocks”

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Each geocache has two criteria – difficulty of finding the place (means how hard you must use your brain) and difficulty of terrain. Using brains is normal for geocachers and they do it each time. But to visit some hard places you must use not only your brain but also some special equipment.

In Lviv there is only one cache with the 5th level of terrain difficulty. It’s “Devil’s rocks” cache. To take the cache you must use special climbing equipment. For two years it was taken only ones. Other geocachers decided that it’s wrong and organized a special event to take this cache together.

One of the players acted as coach, brought all needed things and showed us how to descend from a rock.

Group of geocachers is discussing a strategy of taking the cache

To find the right place it was needed to solve a small puzzle. There is five ways on the rocks and the task is to find the correct one. It wasn’t very difficult. Before we met, our most experienced player had found the solution.

Because there is only one way, so we went down one by one. The first was our instructor, who explained all rules and showed how to descend. The next was me ?

Descend from the rock

Descend from the rock

Actually, it was my first descend. So, I worried very much. But in fact, if you follow the rules and use the equipment properly, there is no problems. After going down for the first time, I decided to practice more and went to the rock again. It was easier because I new the way and where to put my feet.

All other players decided not to take risk and logged in on the ground.

There is a small video about my adventure:

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