Jeep safari on Cyprus

Jeep safari on Cyprus

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One of the features of Cyprus is that it is small enough. With only one day you can visit the most part of the island and see many interesting places. Also, as we know, ” Where the asphalt, there is nothing interesting. Where something interesting is, there is no asphalt” (c) Strugatsky brothers. 

That’s why, to see some new natural places of Cyprus, we went on jeep safari. As a transportation was very popular at these places Landrover Defender. The trip started in the early morning and finished at late night. No dinner was included. So, if you decide to go on a safari, take some food with you.

Our driver was very friendly and outgoing. His phrase “Massage!” while passing wavy parts of a road we still remember. Also he provided us a short Greek language course. So, in the evening we said “goodbye” in Greek.

 jeep safari

Our car

Our trip was without any strict schedules. We made stops where it was something interesting and spent as much time as needed.

The first stop was near a banana farm. I heard a lot about how bananas are growing. But hadn’t seen it personally before. The bananas were unripe, so we couldn’t taste them and could only take photos. Also, as we were explained, these bananas are not the same bananas as in Ukraine. These were specially for cookery. They are smaller and sweeter. And, of course, more expensive.

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Later we found and picked some pomegranates. Maybe, because we were very hungry, they were extremely delicious for us! Their taste was absolutely different from pomegranates which we tasted at home.

Our next stop was near mountains. We could travel among the rocks and enjoy wild nature and animals.

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The most exiting part of the trip was sea turtles protection center. As you may know, turtles leave sea and use sand on  beaches to drop their eggs. Amazing was that we were in the only place in the world where the one of turtles’ breeds drops their eggs. That’s why this place is protected by a group of scientists. They built a camp on the seaside. All eggs are fenced and marked.

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What Cyprus trip can avoid Greek legends? Our last stop was near the baths of Aphrodite. According to legends, this cold water allowed Aphrodite to stay young and beautiful.

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Among all excursions on Cyprus this safari was, as for me, the most interesting and exciting. So, if you come to Cyprus, I definitely  recommend it.

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