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I am sure that everybody who lives in Ukraine, heard about such city as Kamenets-Podolsky. First of all, it’s famous for its fortress, where different festivals take place. Besides, there is a very interesting natural division between the old and the new parts of the city, made my the river Smotrich. The riverbed makes something like a peninsula with only one entrance. At that entrance Kamenets-Podolsky fortress is situated.

  We couldn’t stay away from such an interesting place and went on a trip. The road from Lvov through Ternopol to Kamenets-Podolsky was quite fine. There were some parts, where we had to decrease the speed. But in general we could drive smoothly. A little surprise for us was that medieval tribune collection still exists even nowadays. To pass the fortress by car you must pay 10 hrivnas or make a detour around the whole city to enter the peninsula over a bridge from the opposite side.

The traffic in the city is quite light. Maybe it’s because October is not high season for tourists. Parking places are next to the fortress and in the city. The old city is small, so you can leave your car in any suitable place and walk.

First of all, you should visit the fortress. Kamenets-Podolsky But my personal opinion is that the fortress is better from outside than from inside. Also you must know that there are two fortresses – old and new. What we can see in different pictures is the old fortress. Admission to the fortress is paid. Next to the old fortress there is a new fortress. But it’s difficult to name this place a fortress. It’s either a basement or ruins. This part is free of charge. The main advantage of the new fortress is that from it there is a beautiful view of the old one. Also it is a good place for camping.

MonumentNext to the fortress on the opposite side of the river you can find a monument to seven nations, which played a significant role in the establishment of the city. The monument itself is not very interesting. But the view from that place is amazing!  From that place you can see the fortress, the old city and the river at the same time.   

The fortress itself constitutes a yard with several buildings. Kamenets-Podolsky It’s interesting to enter one of the towers, go upstairs and walk like a medieval warrior along the passage inside the wall to the next tower.

Traditionally, you can forge a coin, try archery and buy souvenirs. There is also a local museum with exhibits from the beginning of the 20th century to present days.

You definitely must go to the fortress in the dark, desirably Kamenets-Podolsky with a photo camera. The fortress, lit in the evening, is very picturesque. To take photos you can choose different places. One is just in front of the fortress bridge. From the wall you can clearly see everything. It’s not surprising that you can find a lot of painters there.  The next place is behind the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. To get there you should turn into side streets from the main road just in front of the City Hall. This place is very good for taking fortress pictures at  the sunset.

 Kamenets-PodolskyIf you walk from the old city to the fortress, you can find inconspicuous stairs down just before the bridge. After going down, you will come to Russian gates. Together with Polish gates on the opposite side of the bridge, they allowed defenders to flood the canyon of the river Smotrich in case of danger. Several buildings are destroyed nowadays, but the others are in a good state. Different catapults and wooden wagons tell us about different ethnical festivals, which are take held in this place.

It’s interesting to visit the City Hall, which was City Hallbuilt in 1374 and  considered the oldest in Ukraine. There are also several museums. In the dungeon there is the medieval prison with all corresponding attributes. On the second floor there is the museum of Magdeburg rights and the museum of money.

Going further through the Old City, you definitely come to Novoplanovsky bridge, which connects the old and the new parts of the city. The bridge was built in 1872 and is still very impressive. You can enjoy a great view of the canyon from this bridge. Also there are some extreme activities to do. You can slide to the opposite side of the canyon on the rope. Or you can go bungee jumping. 

City parkJust after the bridge there is a city park with beautiful fountains, swans and alleys. It’s very colorful in the autumn!

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