Pomoryany palace

Pomoryany palace

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After visiting Berezhani castle, we set off to Pomoryany, which is about 30 km away. Berezhani is situated on a busy road to Ternopil. And the town itself is quite large. Pomoryany, on the other hand, is situated far away from main roads. So, the road to it is very old and hasn’t been repaired for years.

Pomoryany palaceThe castle itself is from the same historical period as Berezhani castle. It was built as a fortification in the second part of 16th century by Podol governor Jan Seninsky. At those times the castle was a four-corner building with towers at corners. It suffered from many raids of the Tatars and the Turks and finally was captured and destroyed in the 17th century.

Later the castle was reconstructed but as a palace. A new park was built around it and a lot of pieces of art were exhibited inside. The last owner of this castle, like of many others, was the Pototsky dynasty.

During the soviet times the palace Pomoryany palacewas reconstructed and was used as one of the buildings for an agricultural technical school. In this form it existed till the collapse of the USSR. The technical school was closed and the palace was abandoned. Since that time it has been gradually disassembling by locals for building materials.

Pomoryany palace as for me, belongs to those places, after visiting of which you feel sadness and sorrow. When you look at 30 years old photos of the palace and compare them Pomoryany palacewith the current state, you realize that just in a few years there will be nothing to see at all. The palace itself is very beautiful two-story building with a lot of elements of decor. From several perspectives it still looks great. But you must go inside very carefully. Everything is crumbling, the roof is almost fallen in, several walls are collapsed completely.

While preparing the article, I looked through the Internet for the information about  reconstruction of the palace. But unfortunately, the result is unfavourable. The state of the palace is very bad, and it’s not enough only to restore it. It requires almost full rebuilding for which is difficult to find needed amount of money. Different volunteer organizations try at least to keep the territory clean. But that’s all. Therefore, my advice is to visit the palace while you have a chance.

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